1When does admission process begin?
Admission process generally begins from December first week of every year for grade Nursery to X.
2Does SSIS allow admissions before 3 years of age?
No, school doesn’t allow admissions before 3 years of age. We believe that a child needs mother the most at these initial years.
3What is the duration for kids of Grade Nursery to UKG?
It must not be more than 4 hours a day as the younger ones need more time to sleep and play for overall physical & mental growth hence it is 4 hours per day.
4What are the school timings for students at SSIS?
Nur.- to UKG		Summer Timings	-	08:30 AM to 12:30 PM
			 Winter Timings	-	09:00 AM to 01:00 PM
Grade I to X		Summer Timings	-	08:30 AM to 02:30 PM
			Winter Timings	-	09:00 AM to 03:00 PM
5What is the bag less concept and how is it helpful for my child?
The concept helps children to avoid carrying a load of unwanted books & note books daily. They have a facility to keep their belongings in a safe locker and carry the essentials for day as assigned. The bag less concept is introduced to keep children stress free and live a balanced life i.e. personal, social, national & spiritual.
6Home Assignment is not given to Nur-UKG kids. How parents will come to know what they are doing in the school?
In the age of 3-5 exactly Home Assignment is not required as the child has entire world around him/her to know new things and understand new concepts. The monthly academic planning i.e. syllabus will help you to know what is going on. School also sends the entire bag on every Saturday so that parents can see the weekly work as well.
7What is the Home Assignment policy for Grade I to VIII?
We very much believe in child’s personal, social, psychological, national & spiritual life where s/he needs to give time. The academics is taken care in the school however a small amount of assignment will be sent daily as per the given schedule-
Grade I & II		-	Revision Worksheet		Duration-Half an hour 
Grade III to V		-	Reading/Learning + Math Sums Duration-Half an hour 
Grade VI to VIII	-	Math + one more sub.		Duration-An hour 

This will help them to develop self-study habit and prepare them for further higher classes.
8What will be my child’s routine in school?
School will share the daily schedule/Time Table of your ward where you can see how fruitful the day goes.
9We are not allowed to send lunch with child, is the diet provided in school is good for health?
Yes, the school serves them fresh& nutritious Indian diet to take care of their health and hygiene.
10Who takes care of my child while having lunch? If s/he is eating properly?
The CTs remain on duty during lunch break also who ensures the proper eating of each child in the same way a mother does.
11The school has introduced world class sports facilities in the premises. Does school allow all children to utilize those?
The world class facilities are introduced for the learners of SSIS only and of course with the growth of their age and interest they are introduced to the certain facilities. They are allowed to explore the maximum opportunities before they decide their goal.
12Is transport safe for my child?
Yes, it is. The school has its own AC buses for commuting purpose. A responsible person always accompanies children in arrival & departure time to ensure their safety.
13How about the teachers of SSIS?
Highly qualified, passionate, dedicated, committed, caring and child-friendly teachers together make the team SSIS who makes a difference in SSIS & other schools around you. Your child is in safe hands.
14Does SSIS maintain the spoken English environment?
Yes, the school has 100% spoken English environment and does not promote any other language among teachers and learners.
15What are teaching methodologies of SSIS?
We believe in growth of each child and so provide them ultimate personal care. The Teaching methodologies are child friendly. The focus is not on rote learning but on conceptual learning which makes learning fun and not a pressure.
16How about teaching of Indian values?
The medium of instruction is only English and not the culture. The TEAM SSISperforms the values through their practical lives and of course the role models are followed.
17What is the belief of SSIS?
SSIS believes that each child is unique and possesses a unique quality. We explore and enhance the same for significant success.
18What is SSIS?
SSIS is a rare combination of committed management, highly experienced & visionary educators, and dedicated team of Mentors with world class facilities. Here each unique child gets ultimate personal care to shape the future of our Nation.
19If parents want to discuss about academic & non-academic, whom should they meet?
They must discuss with the concerning teacher and Coordinator on the day of PTM. If still they need to discuss with the higher authority, can meet the Principal in person.
20What are the meeting timings?
For CT & subject Teachers	-	Second Saturday or PTM day
For Coordinators		-	10:00 Am to 11:00 AM 
For Principal			-	10:00 AM to 11:00 AM 

These timings are applicable for all working days however if you have find it difficult to make the meeting during this stipulated time you can fix up an appointment with prior permission.
21How should I measure my child’s growth?
A parent must put an achievable goal on monthly basis and keep on observing him/her for measuring growth. The mark sheet is one of the tools to measure the growth but not the only criteria. Make it very clear that each child grows with the passing of time but the field may be different i.e. communication skills, writing skills, listening skills, learning skills, public speaking, personality development, presentation skill, self-discipline, leading quality, sport & performing art etc. other than academics. Monthly goals If are achieved, your child is in learning process.
22How can I contribute in my ward’s journey?
Spend a quality time with your child on daily basis without giving an excuse as your ward is important for you more than anything else in the world. Know him/her and spread happiness.
23Do children get chance to participate in school activities?
Of course children participate in fact it is mandatory for all children to participate in all school activities.
24What should I do if I do not get a call from school about admission confirmation?
Parents should call at 7300051341, 42 and get the information.
25How does school communicate with parents?
School uses WhatsApp group, scholar’s diary, circulars and social media to communicate with its parent community.