Clubs And Council

School is running following clubs –

Music Club

Community Club

Event Management Club

Cyber Clubs

Our school, we foster a vibrant extracurricular environment through a diverse range of clubs tailored to ignite students' passions and talents. From the literary club, where creative minds flourish through CCA activities and spell bee competitions, to the art club, where students explore various art forms like mandala art and engage in friendly competitions, each club offers a unique avenue for self-expression and skill development. The dance club pulsates with energy as students master salsa, Punjabi, classical, and other dance forms, while the music club resonates with the melodies of diverse musical genres. Our event management club shines in orchestrating memorable events such as teacher's day celebrations and farewells for graduating seniors. Meanwhile, in the cyber club, students delve into the realm of technology, organizing engaging cyber-related games and events like INTELLECTOPIA, where even parents join in the fun. These clubs not only enrich students' experiences but also cultivate teamwork, leadership, and creativity, fostering a well-rounded educational journey.