Middle School Curriculum

At the onset of adolescence, SSIS Nathdwara enables its students to have a firm footing in the permanently changing phases of society. The middle school provides a study of Languages, Sciences, Mathematics, Computers, Art and crafts, Dance, Music, and Sports making every student versatile in all spheres of life. Middle school education is based on CBSE to equip the students for competitive exams with a holistic approach to education.

At SSIS, we believe in providing a well-rounded education that nurtures both the mind and body. Our middle school curriculum is designed to inspire and engage our students in a variety of ways.

Academic Focus: Alongside our core subjects, students have the opportunity to explore Sanskrit or one foreign language, such as French, to broaden their linguistic horizons.

Extracurricular Activities: We offer a wide range of sports activities including basketball, football, cricket, shooting, swimming, and badminton, catering to diverse interests and talents. For those inclined towards the arts, we have vibrant dance and music programs tailored to the interests of our students.

Saturday Competitions: To foster healthy competition and promote holistic development, we host various competitions during our CCA (Co-Curricular Activities) periods on Saturdays. These competitions cover a spectrum of interests, from sports tournaments to storytelling events, providing opportunities for every student to shine.