House Activities

SSIS fosters the learners with the values of team spirit, peer group support, leadership, responsibility, critical thinking, decision-making, commitment, group loyalty, fraternity, public speaking, intellectual empowerment, self-development, healthy rivalry and competitiveness through the House System consisting of four houses named after our Vedas.

“संगच्छध्वं, संवदध्वं”

अर्थात्-हम मनुष्यों को मिलकर चलना, मिलकर बोलना चाहिए।

( सामवेद )

“येनदेवा: पवित्रेणत्मानपुनतेसदा”

अर्थात्-दिव्य गुणों से युक्त विद्वान्लोग पवित्र ब्रह्मानन्द से अपनी आत्मा को हमेशा पवित्र करते हैं|

( यर्जुवेद )

“तन्मेमनः शिवसंकल्पमस्तु”

अर्थात् - मेरे मन का संकल्प शिव हो,शुभ हो कल्याणकारी हो।

( अथर्ववेद )


अर्थात्-हम सभी देवों की भाँति उत्तम प्रज्ञा और सुमति में सदा प्रवृत्त रहें|

Every child is allotted a House on the day of admission, to which the child contributes his/her best to uphold the motto of respective house. Through the daily contact time of morning roll call and a 45 minute House Meeting per fortnight, House Mentors and prefects are able to monitor learner’s progress and cultivate positive relationship. It instils a closer rapport between learners & mentors and provides learners with ample opportunities to exhibit their talent and learn new skills. The Houses compete in different sporting, cultural and academic competitions and provide an excellent platform to synergize learners of different classes and ages where they and their houses are rewarded points on their excellence and performance level. These activities run in conjunction with different departments in the school enabling learners to demonstrate their prowess in Poetry, Drama, Dance, Classics, Math, Science, Art and Craft, Sports, Music, Debating and Literature. Champion House Trophy is awarded to the House with the highest point total on the Grand Annual Day of the School. There is a wonderful sense of camaraderie generated throughout the school with the house system