Workshop & Seminars

Workshops provide exceptional learning opportunities. Learners experience various workshops for exceptional learning which help them - My Schedule, Your Qualities - Your Personality, Personal Hygiene, Personal Grooming, Healthy Diet, Career Counselling and Safety Precautions on Road etc. SSIS is a great platform to learn & grow hence faculty members get a wide range of workshops.

Few of them are:

1. Teaching Skills Workshop
2. Life Skills Workshop
3. English Language Teaching Workshop
4. Teaching - an easiest job or the most challenging service

We, the Mentors and parents both are important part of a child's journey of learning ergo the school organizes orientation program for parents at regular intervals. To facilitate students, various guest lectures are added into the curriculum to give them an insight of the actual scenarios which they are going to face in their careers and upcoming life. *Guest Lectures details are already shared, add them accordingly.

Workshops and seminars are invaluable components of a well-rounded education, offering students opportunities beyond traditional classroom learning. When organized effectively, these events provide practical, motivational, and real-life experiences that students can personally connect with. We invite knowledgeable speakers, incorporating interactive activities, and fostering a supportive environment, we create engaging sessions that resonate with students on a deeper level. These experiences not only inspire and motivate students but also equip them with valuable skills and insights they can apply in their academic pursuits and beyond. Additionally, the open forum nature of workshops and seminars allows students to ask questions, seek clarification, and clear doubts, fostering a culture of active learning and critical thinking. Overall, integrating such events into the school curriculum enhances the educational journey by bridging the gap between theory and practice, and empowering students to become lifelong learners.


Introducing robotics into our school curriculum marks a significant leap towards fostering technological and mechanical acumen among our students. Through initiatives like the INTELLECTOPIA program, where students engage in building and racing robot cars, we not only stimulate their interest in STEM fields but also equip them with practical skills essential for the future. Robotics offers a dynamic platform for hands-on learning, encouraging problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration. By immersing students in robotics, we empower them to become innovators and critical thinkers, ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow's world. This integration of robotics not only enriches their academic journey but also cultivates a mindset of adaptability and resilience, preparing them for a rapidly evolving technological landscape.