Principal's Message

We live today in a world that is so very different from the one we grew up in, the one we were educated in and the world we are moving towards. SSIS with the intend to provide the students an exceptional scholastic and non scholastic platform to keep in tune with the upgraded education system, has reached to a close association to honour and welcome few of the most refined aficionados from varied streams with the elementary motive to empower the soul of the school acting as the school's advisory committee.

Along with this, the children to walk in portals of the best school in Rajsamand, we are delighted to announce the successful launch of the School Integrated Program (SIP) preparing them for 100% results in CA/CS/IIT/ JEE/NTSE / NEET/ OLYMPIADS along with Board exams, fetching in numerable career opportunities for all our students. Looking forward to provide an exemplary platform to our bright students for a well-planned future.

Adequately realizing this need, the school becomes the axis of knowledge, erudition, and empowerment. With growth and change at a global level, it is our endeavour to provide quality education to make every child eligible to compete with the world outside, cultivating not merely the intellect but also nurturing the moral & ethical values. Thus, making them capable of assimilating understanding and deciding the course of action. Our vision of true education is creating healthy surroundings, upholding moral values, and imbibing life skills in our students, addressing the global issues and the dynamic system of education. Change is the face of life, and this universal truth is analyzed and identified by the school, thereby creating a conducive and caring learning environment, maintaining the cultural identity of the learners.

The child is actually the future of the nation and it is the school’s responsibility to shape it correctly. The child of today is more alert and exposed. Teachers are the creators and parents nurture this beautiful creation. Parents' contribution in devising the policies with their active supervision certainly will promote a safe & healthy school. They also instil the basic values and responsibility and offer constructive input for the development of the school system. The mentors fulfil the child’s needs, channelize their potential by motivating and encouraging them at every step, keeping abreast of the emerging dimensions of the world along with the moral values such as kindness, respect and tolerance.

Wishing you all a wonderful teaching-learning journey.

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- Manisha Lashkari